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Arab States National gender machinery Type of institution Year of establishment Decision type Link
Djibouti Ministry of Women and Family Affairs Ministry 2008 Law n°165/AN/12/6ème L
Comoros Ministry of Health, Social Cohesion, Solidarity, and Gender Promotion Ministry 2020 Presidential decree
Yemen Women's National Committee Government agency 1996 Presidential decree No. 21 dated October 13, 1997
United Arab Emirates General Women's Union Government agency 1975 Decree No. 23 of 1975
Tunisia Ministry of Family, Women, Childhood and the Seniors Ministry 2011 Decree No. 2011-2723 of 27 December 2011 and Decree No. 4064 of 2013 regarding the organization of the ministryالاستقبال/
Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs Government agency 2014 Law No. 6 of 2014
Sudan Ministry of Social Development Ministry 2019 Presidential decree
Somalia Ministry of Women & Human Rights Development Ministry 2014 Presidential decree
Saudi Arabia Family Affairs Council Government agency 2015 Cabinet decision No. 443 of 10/20/2015
Qatar Qatar Foundation for Social Work Government agency 2013 Emiri decree
State of Palestine Ministry of Women's Affairs Ministry 2003 Presidential decree No. 10 of 2003
Oman General Directorate for the Advancement of Women in the Ministry of Social Development Ministry 2001 Royal decree No. 115/97
Morocco Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and the Family Ministry 2012 Royal decree No. 1-07-197
Mauritania Ministry of Social Solidarity, Childhood and Family Ministry 2018 Decree No. 189-2008
Libya Office of the Minister of State for Women's Affairs Minister's office 2012 Ministerial decree
Lebanon National Commission for Lebanese Women Government agency 1998 Law Nº720 issued on November 5, 1998
Kuwait Supreme Council for Family Affairs Government agency 2006 Decree No. 401 of 2006
Jordan Jordanian National Committee for Women's Affairs Government agency 1992 Royal decree
Iraq The Supreme Council for Women and Development in the Kurdistan Region Government agency 2009 Decree
Iraq Office of the Minister for Women’s Affairs Minister’s office 2005 Law
Egypt The National Council for Women Government Agency 2000 Republican decree No. 30 of 2018
Bahrain Supreme Council for Women Government agency 2001 Emiri order No. 55 of 2001
Algeria Ministry of National Solidarity, Family and Women's Issues Ministry 1962 Executive decree No. 13-134 of 10 April 2013
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